Simple but gorgeous craft project - Dipped Feather Garland

I love crafting.  I do tend to have lots of projects on the go however, so I've learnt that what I'm looking for is a craft project that is simple, quick and has outstanding results for minimum effort!  This one actually fulfils my criteria! I may actually finish it - watch this space!  

I had a feather dream catcher delivered for a client today and I just love it, its really going to add a lovely soft element to her little girls room and create a sense of whimsy.  It's so nice to add some handmade elements to your home, if crafting isn't your thing then something handmade by someone else will also do a great job to create that lovely, warm feeling that handmade objects add!  The delivery inspired me to search for some other dreamy craft ideas and I stumbled across this one. I am definitely going to take my girls to the beach tomorrow so we can get on with collecting feathers to make our own feather garlands!