Selling your home? What emotion does it evoke in your buyers?

Selling your home is an emotional journey for homeowners, however it is equally as emotional for buyers. In fact the number one reason buyers purchase a property is because of the emotion it evokes in them when they look around the open home.  Buyers may shop for a house with financial and practical restraints in mind but when they find the house that pulls at their heart strings, they will often make concessions on their list of must haves, as well as the price they are willing to pay in order to purchase their dream home. 

Evoking the right emotion is at the heart of successful home staging.  When Dress My Nest stages a home we understand who the  most likely buyers are going to be, what design style they will respond best to and we decide what to work into the overall plan for staging this particular house.  We do this so that the buyers visiting your open home can envisage themselves living here.  We don't want them to walk in and say oh this house is staged.  We don't want it to feel cold or half empty with a few bits of mismatched furniture throughout.   We don't want to evoke feelings of sadness - which empty and run down house can do.  We also don't want to evoke feelings of sterility - which is staged house lacking personality can do.  

While it is vital to declutter a house for sale - it is just as vital to ensure that the house itself does convey personality and life.  Even a luxury home with top of the line fixtures and fittings will feel empty and will leave buyers feeling disconnected if there is nothing to draw them in and create positive feelings. 

Nothing sells a home faster than feelings of excitement, joy and hope.  If the buyers can see themselves living in a home, can feel warmth and feel welcome - then you have an easy sale! 

It takes specific knowledge of interior design principles and experience in creating layered, textured interiors to create a staged home that feels this way.  Talk to Dress My Nest today about how we can help you get the best price for your house!