Do you have a room or area in your home in desperate need of updating? Do you know how you want the space to look and feel but don’t know how to pull it all together?  Maybe the thought of decorating is daunting and you don't know where to start?  

Are you undertaking a major renovation, or a building a new home and feeling completely overwhelmed by the volume of decisions you need to make. 

Are you lacking the time or knowledge that it takes to create a layered, textured interior?  Would you love someone with fresh eyes to come and have a shuffle around with your furniture and accessories and let you know what you can add to these to create a fresh look? 

Whether you want to update one room or are building a whole house Dress My Nest can help make the process run smoothly and provide you with both the inspiration and the know how to make your dreams a reality.  

I believe in designing for your personality and your lifestyle.  Nobody wants to feel like they live in a catalogue.  The little bits and pieces you have collected over the years come with special meanings and memories, but sometimes it's hard to make them look right together.  I like to take your personal things and combine them with designer, budget, hand made and department store pieces to achieve a look that is cohesive but unique and doesn’t cost the earth.  

Examples of services include:

  • Room Design
  • Supply & Installation of Window Treatments
  • Helping combine the tastes, needs and preferences of different family members into a design that works for everyone
  • Lighting plan and sourcing and supply of light fittings 
  • Colour Consultation - interior & exterior paint & wallpaper 
  • Furniture sourcing - from trade only suppliers, retailers or custom made to suit your space
  • Adding the finishing touches with accessories and soft furnishings 

After an initial consultation where I will collate all the information I need to completely understand your needs, you will receive a brief to approve.  This contains an outline of what we intend to work on.  Once we have confirmed that we are on the same page we get to work on your fully personalised plan.  This may include a mood board with solutions for everything we discussed.  It may include suggested paint colours, window treatments, furniture, artwork and accessories, along with a guide to where you can purchase these items - locally, online or through our trade-only suppliers.  It’s so simple and it's all tailored to your particular situation!  

You are now in control and can decorate in your own time and to your own budget - but with confidence because you have a well thought out designer plan.  If you are lacking the time (or inclination) Dress My Nest can arrange everything for you and install and style the room for an additional charge.